Journey to Genomics: Kimberley Hortop

Kimberley Hortop
Family History Co-ordinator

Kimberley has been employed with the Cardiff and Vale UHB for 19 years.

She started in the day surgery unit where she worked for 4 years. She then joined the Genomics Service where she has worked for 15 years. During this time she has also completed 2 NVQs.

What inspired you to pursue a role in the field of genomics?

I had been looking for wider knowledge and experience in the Health Board and during this time a role came up in genetics. I applied and got the job! I have found it to be an incredibly interesting role and I have learned so much about inherited diseases, testing and family history. I have held several positions within the department starting at the reception then to the FH service and currently as a Family History Co-ordinator.

What happens during a typical working day?

I work in a team with two other FHCs. I liaise on a daily basis with our Genetic Counsellors, secretaries and genetic departments throughout the UK. The role is very interesting and varied; from drawing up pedigrees, requesting further information, following up on consent and more. My favourite part is the patient contact.

What advice would you give to those interested in joining this field?

Be prepared to work hard as part of a larger hospital team, ultimately providing a caring and professional for patients , which is very rewarding.