RCGP Genomics Toolkit

RCGP Genomics Toolkit

A toolkit developed in partnership with HEE Genomics Education Programme

RCGP Genomics Toolkit

The Genomics Toolkit has been developed in partnership with Health Education England Genomics Education Programme and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to support increasing understanding and raising awareness of Genomics Medicine to support primary care and includes training resources and audit suggestions, as well as providing links to relevant guidance and patient resources. The resources can be used as quick reference resources or as a package for CPD, to deliver awareness-raising and educational events, and in supporting trainees preparing for the MRCGP.


This toolkit is designed to be used by the entire clinical primary care team. The content development has been informed by the relevant RCGP Curriculum Statement, and on the findings from a Delphi survey conducted by HEE which identified knowledge, skills and attitudes in Genomics required by the primary care team.


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