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Wales Genomic Health Centre 

The New Home of Genomics in Wales

Officially open from November 2023, Canolfan Iechyd Genomig Cymru in Cardiff will serve as a cornerstone of Wales’ precision medicine ambition. Bringing together the All Wales Medical Genomics Service (AWMGS)Pathogen Genomics Unit (part of Public Health Wales), and Wales Gene Park, this state of the art facility promises to create a centre of excellence for genomic services across Wales.

With the NHS at its heart, the facility has been co-designed by members of staff, patients and the public as a co-productive environment which combines industry and academia. The space will support all partners in navigating the rapidly evolving genomics landscape whilst simultaneously providing a calm, welcoming environment for patients and their families.

The new development, which sees the refurbishment of an existing building at Cardiff Edge Life Sciences Park, brings together world-class microbiological containment and research laboratories, clinical spaces, seminar facilities, modern offices and areas that promote staff wellbeing. Here, we hope to revolutionise patient care and treatment pathways and see Wales become the first UK Nation to demonstrate that genomics can benefit from true integration; pooled resources, shared knowledge and expertise.

Laboratory & Clinical Services

The centre will bring together a number of bespoke laboratory and clinical environments. 


The co-location of AWMGS,  PenGU and Wales Gene Park will foster closer collaboration and seamless integration of services. This will streamline clinical and laboratory testing, pathogen monitoring, and genomic research efforts, ultimately benefiting patients. 

The new facility will  also provide an ideal environment for expanding genomic research initiatives across Wales.  Different organisations will have access to advanced equipment and resources, stimulating innovation and discovery in the field of genomic health. 


The site will be home to two full-sized Novaseq 6000 Sequencing Systems which boast unprecedented next generation sequencing (NGS) capacity, capable of sequencing multiple human genomes in under 48 hours. These will sit alongside a fleet of smaller sequencing units and support Wales in continuing to improve genomics services and research and remaining at the forefront of the genomic medicine revolution.


If you would like more information about our sequencing workforce please email


Pathogen genomics offers data that can be directly integrated into public health analysis and decision-making, while simultaneously enabling precision healthcare. It therefore enables us to offer a new way of working – Precision Public Health, integrating, in real-time, the diagnosis and characterisation of pathogens that infect individuals, with efforts to prevent disease and control outbreaks on a population level.

The Pathogen genomics team in Wales have built a modular sequencing and analysis platform, which lowers the barrier to implementing and operating new services. As the need for
SARS-CoV-2 sequencing reduces, this modular approach provides the opportunity for the introduction of future pathogen services.

Wales Gene Park’s Education & Engagement Team delivers a wide portfolio of genetics and genomics-related activities in professional and public education and engagement. The programme provides opportunities for engagement and involvement of patients and families in research, service development and health and social care policy. Wales Gene Park’s education activities draw on expertise in Welsh Higher Education Institutions and the NHS, and on the wider UK and international genomics community.

 Core activities include:

  • Education and engagement events and activities via public and schools’ programmes
  • Support through events, initiatives, and campaigns, for those affected by Rare Diseases
  • Networks for each of WGP’s four key stakeholder groups (patients, schools, the public and professionals)
  • Continuing professional development in genetics and genomics for those working in healthcare and allied professions
  • Public input to Welsh Government policy in genetics and genomics, including rare diseases


The Genomics Partnership Wales Patient and Public Sounding Board

Genomics Partnership Wales is committed to involving patients and the public to help shape the strategic direction of the work we undertake and to ensure co-production remains an integral part of our programme.

In view  of this, we have an established Patient & Public Sounding Board who are consulted on a variety of topics and continue to help shape policies pertaining to services development, care pathways, research opportunities, consent and more.

Sounding Board Members, alongside staff across all partners, have consulted on several topics in relation to the opening of the centre , including health equality, impact assessments and arrangements for access.  They have been instrumental in the development of the space , helping to ensure it meets the needs of all stakeholders. 

Our On-Site Partners

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