Vision Statement

Working together to harness the potential of genomics to improve the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the people of Wales.

About GPW

New genetic and genomic technologies are allowing us to develop a much more detailed understanding of the link between our genes and health.

In recent years there has been international recognition that these technologies have the potential to revolutionise medicine and public health.

Links to research and industry activities are more important than ever, and the wider ecosystem for genomics must be aligned to maximise health and economic benefits for Wales.

The Genomics Partnership Wales, along with its partners and stakeholders, will ensure these plans will be fulfilled in the fields of genetics and genomics, while supporting the delivery of precision medicine in NHS Wales.


Demonstrate a commitment to work in an open and transparent manner with patients and the public in Wales, using their collective experiences to shape and add value to the work of the Genomics Partnership and future genomics services in Wales.

Clinical and Laboratory Services

Develop internationally recognised medical and public health genomics services with strong collaboration across NHS and academia to ensure equity of access to the best genomics healthcare for the citizens of Wales.

Research and Innovation

Establish an internationally competitive genomics research environment through investment in genomic research technologies and Precision Medicine platforms, collaborative infrastructures and ambitious training portfolios.


Nurture an enthused and highly skilled workforce that can serve as ambassadors for genomics within the NHS, ensuring that our services evolve at pace and remain progressive, equitable and reliable.

Strategic Partnerships

Establish Wales as an outward-looking, collaborative and reputable home for business development, promoting the genomic services in Wales to attract the best partnership opportunities.