Our Partners

New partnerships and further development of existing partnerships between clinical services, academia, industry and patients and the public are essential in order to realise the benefits of genomics for precision medicine in Wales. 

We anticipate that strong, effective partnerships will speed up change, accelerate adoption and drive up quality outcomes for patients. 

Our partners support us in the advancement of life sciences in Wales and enable shared risk and decision making to achieve the five ‘P’s of precision medicine: prediction and prevention of disease; more precise diagnoses; targeted personalised interventions; and a more participatory role for patients.

GPW Partner Diagram


The Welsh Government is the devolved executive of Wales. Its agenda is to deliver a Wales which is prosperous and secure, healthy and active, ambitious and learning, united and connected.


Delivering its services through seven health boards and four NHS trusts in Wales, NHS Wales provides a range of primary, secondary, specialist tertiary and emergency care services.

All Wales Medical Genomics Service

The All Wales Medical Genomics Service provides specialist genetic clinical and laboratory services to individuals and families with, or concerned about, rare genetic conditions.

Pathogen Genomics Unit (PenGU)

The PGU has been working with research partners to translate academic genomics approaches into clinical practice. Including analysing DNA sequences of samples of the flu virus.

Wales Gene

Wales Gene Park facilitates high quality genetic and genomic health research in Wales, and the informed involvement of patients, public and professionals.

Higher Education Institutions

All universities in Wales are key partners in the programme in terms of genomics education opportunities for the workforce and research and innovation in genomics for patient benefit

Patients and the Public

Co-producing the work of GPW and future precision medicine services in Wales; the public help to shape our work and add value to ensure the delivery value-based healthcare


Effective partnership working are essential if we are to realise the benefits of precision medicine in Wales as they accelerate change and adoption, and increases quality outcomes