Journey to Genomics: Amber Pryce

Amber Pryce
Family History Co-ordinator

After gaining her degree Amber registered with the HCPC and shortly after began working as a Biomedical Scientist. She has gained a wide range of experience in a number of pathology disciplines in different hospitals. Outside of work she also likes to be involved with fundraising and volunteering, ranging from festivals and cake sales to science fairs.

What inspired you to pursue a role in the field of genomics?

Having worked in a few different areas of the lab it became clear to me I wanted to move into a more clinical based role where I could have a bigger impact on patient care. I was already aware of the Scientist Training Programme (STP) and the massive developments in genomics so when the post came up it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

What happens during a typical working day?

As a trainee I am able to rotate around the various sections of the lab in order to complete competency based training. I’m only a few months into my first year so I’m still finding my feet but I have loved it so far (except exams!). My general day can involve observing techniques in the lab, microscopy analysis and helping write reports. I have also been able to attend MDTs and clinics which is great to see how everything comes together.

What advice would you give to those interested in joining this field?

The STP is a 3 year programme including a part-time MSc. So my advice would be to research, understand the commitments involved and make sure you have suitable work experience. We are very lucky in Cardiff to have such great training and support from the department. I think it’s an amazing training programme and great way to get into genomics.