Game-Changing Sequencer Transforming Genomics Research In Wales

NovaSeq 6000

We are pleased to announce that the NovaSeq ™ 6000 is now being used for Genomics research in Wales. As part of the Genomics for Precision Medicine Strategy, the NovaSeq offers unprecedented next generation sequencing (NGS) capacity, and is capable of sequencing multiple human genomes in under 48 hours.

Presently UHW is one of the only labs in the UK that has a NovaSeq. Although there are two other sequencers that are capable of sequencing whole human genomes (HiSeq and NextSeq), at full capacity the NovaSeq could sequence 96 genomes in 48 hours over 6 times faster than the NextSeq and 40 times faster than the HiSeq.   By processing such huge amounts of genetic data in such a short time frame, clinical professionals can quickly receive relevant data for improved diagnoses and patient care. Furthermore patients with complicated conditions will no longer need multiple individual genetic tests which can sometimes add several months or years to their treatment.

This is an exciting development for advancing our capacity to deliver precision medicine in Wales. The innovative next generation sequencer will transform Genomics services and research in Wales and help to secure our place at the forefront of the Genomic medicine revolution.