Genomics Champion: Bryony Coupe

Dr. Bryony Coupe
Junior Doctor
Morriston Hospital

I’m a junior doctor currently working in general medicine at Morriston Hospital. As an academic core medical trainee with some understanding of the developing importance of genomics, in 2018 I was one of the first group of students to undertake the MSc in Genomic Medicine at Swansea University.

I am particularly interested in haematology, oncology and infectious disease, and as genomics is becoming integral in these fields, I was eager to learn more.

I have come to appreciate that genomics is revolutionising healthcare across the board, expanding our understanding and treatment of disease and thus improving patient care. As a Genomics Champion I am keen to promote the benefits of integrating genomics into our practice.

I feel quite passionately that one of our greatest challenges is the lack of awareness among healthcare professionals and the general public. This concerns me, as without engagement and collaboration we cannot adequately judge funding priorities nor the ethical implications of a shift in our practice.

I have been keen to present on mainstreaming genomics and supporting healthcare professionals in addition to examining these ethical implications at international conferences and in publications. I’m very happy to be contacted for more information.