Genomics Nurse and Midwives Survey

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Thank you for taking the time to come to this site to complete this online questionnaire. Your views are important to us and will help inform the work of Genomics Partnership Wales in relation to genomics education and training for you and your colleagues, ultimately to benefit the people in your care. Genomics Partnership Wales is funded by Welsh Government through the Genomics for Precision Medicine Strategy Initiative

Genomics is the study of the structure and function of all genetic material in the human genome, and of the interactions between genes and the environment. Genomic healthcare involves the use of genomic information and technologies at any stage of the healthcare continuum, to determine disease risk and predisposition, diagnosis and prognosis, and to inform the selection and prioritisation of therapeutic options. Genomic healthcare also takes into account the potential ethical, psychological and social implications of genomic information and the application of genomic technologies.

This questionnaire looks at how you currently see genomics in your professional practice as a nurse or as a midwife, and seeks to identify what your training needs might be in this area. We know that some nurses and midwives will already be involved in talking to individuals and families about screening, testing and/or treatment options that involve genomics, and/or are providing care to individuals with either a genetic diagnosis or increased risk for an inherited condition. However, we also recognise that many nurses and midwives will not be doing this yet and may be unfamiliar with how genomics is likely to be incorporated within their area of practice. We hope a cross-section of the nursing and midwifery workforce will take part in this study in order that we can capture some of this variation.

Participation is voluntary and by submitting your responses, you are deemed to be consenting to participate. Please be assured that you cannot be identified through the answers that you give. We will give you the option at the end of the survey, to provide your name and contact email if you would like to be kept up-to-date about the work of GPW (including their education and training activities) and/or enter into a £100 voucher prize draw. However, your name and email will be separated from your responses to this survey before the data is analysed. You will be able to withdraw from the survey if you contact the survey team before the data is anonymised.

More information about this study is available in the Project Information Sheet.

We estimate that the questionnaire will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  Your answers are only submitted once you have clicked Finish at the end of the survey.

The Faculty of Life Sciences & Education, University of South Wales, has granted ethics approval for this survey